The client(s) employs the services of CRS25 and agrees to the following terms and conditions:


1. Client(s) Conditions

All customers, past clients, and others engaging CRS25, heretofore referred to as “Client(s), are required to send all correspondence deriving from Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian (heretofore referred to as “Credit Bureau(s)” to CRS25 which includes but is not limited to letters and credit reports.

CRS25 is unable to provide services unless copies of all credit reports and correspondence from each of the credit bureaus. Clients will provide every pertinent document including all documents requested by CRS25 promptly. Promptly is defined as within two (2) business days of receipt.

CRS25 will be informed of any address changes by clients promptly as defined above. CRS25’s services will be limited through no fault of ours if bills/statements from the new address are not forwarded by Clients promptly.

By agreeing to these terms, Clients are aware CRS25 does not have the power to influence the financial decisions that Clients make along with the impact to their credit score and other consequences arising from the Clients’ decisions. Clients are also aware their past/present/future decisions will have an impact on their credit report, FICO score, fiscal health, and their standing with any institution with whom they have a financial relationship, including governmental entities.

Upon contracting services with CRS25, clients agree to pay for all services rendered on their behalf. If payment does not issue, then work will be halted until payment is received. CRS25 agrees to resolve billing and service issues in good faith only if Clients contact our office quickly in regards to billing and/or accounting issues.

Client upholding their commitments are the underpinning of the success of CRS25’s services. Failure to abide by these terms and conditions will result in cessation of service guarantees along with immediately rescinding warranty and refund policies.

Clients understand CRS25’s offerings include Monthly Plans. Upon selecting these plans, Clients may cancel services at any time providing CRS25 receives 30-day advance notice of cancellation. Clients will be billed an additional monthly charge after notification of intent to cancel is received by CRS25.


2. Disclaimer

Clients are aware of the limits to CRS25’s services. Each case has its own unique built-in variables. CRS25 is unable and unwilling to guarantee specific results on an individual basis. Due to the varying nature of each Client’s case, CRS25 is unable and unwilling to provide precise timeframes. Reports from Credit Bureaus and other pertinent documentation provided by the Clients is a property of CRS25 and clients agree to waive their rights to obtain copies of correspondence sent to Credit Bureaus from CRS25 on their behalf.


3. Payment Structure

As noted above, Clients agree to compensate CRS25 on an ongoing monthly basis unless Clients provide a 30-day notice of intent to discontinue services. Payment is due upon completion of work on each Client’s account. If payments from Clients are dishonored by the bank, Clients will pay a $35 fee. Any services rendered to Clients’ account will be suspended until payment is received, and if payment is not received then account will be closed in the manner described above.


4. Derogatory Information Reporting

CRS25 will dispute all information present on the Client’s credit report that has misleading information with the exception of information separately disclosed to CRS25. Undisclosed information is considered inaccurate, unverifiable, and/or obsolete.


5. Our Right to Suspend or Terminate Services

CRS25 maintains the right to suspend and/or terminate Service(s) at our discretion. We reserve the right to suspend and/or terminate Service(s) for the following reasons: late and/or denied payment; harassment and/or abuse of our agents including, but not limited to threats and offensive language; providing false and/or misleading information; interference with our services; any suspicion and/or use of Service(s) not in concert with Terms of Service; insolvency and/or bankruptcy.


6. Arbitration & Mediation

If disputes occur all parties agree resolution will occur by applying the United States Arbitration and Mediation Rules of Arbitration. The Arbitrator’s decision is legally binding, final and subject to the possible entering of judgment. Each party is responsible for their share of arbitration fees as outlined in the Rules of Arbitration. If failing to proceed with arbitration, unsuccessfully challenging arbitrator’s award, or failure to comply with the award then the other party is entitled to recoup costs of the suit including attorney fees for compelling arbitration and other actions therein.

(a) “Disputes” claim between Clients and CRS25 arising out of Services or the Terms of Service that include but are not limited to billing issues, policies, contract practices, service issues including claims, privacy issues and also advertising. Disputes may arise after services have been terminated and include claims brought against our employees at all levels. Conversely, claims also may be brought by any of our employees against Clients. These claims may have a basis in the following, including but not limited to contract, tort, statutes, and other legalities.

(b) If either party seeks to commence arbitration for a Dispute, written notice must be provided to each party describing the dispute and must include relevant documentation including all efforts undertaken to resolve the dispute. Notice is to be sent as: “Providing Notice to Each Other Under The Agreement.” Notice is to be sent to CRS25 and each party must make reasonable efforts to resolve the dispute. If forty-five (45) days pass without resolution, then formal arbitration may commence.

(c) Unless otherwise agreed upon, Arbitration is conducted by a single neutral arbitrator and take place in the county of last billing address of Service.

(d) Arbitration is governed and guided by (a) a mutually agreed upon neutral third party arbitrator who is selected in adherence to the terms agreed upon (b) JAMS rules, including those relating to arbitrator selection, filing, and all other applicable rules are run by the JAMS Comprehensive Arbitration Rules & Procedures. These rules are available at If there is any conflict between JAMS’ standards and the “Dispute Resolution” section, JAMS’s standards will be applied but be advised this paragraph does not allow arbitration for class-wide or consolidated cases.

(e) BOTH PARTIES ARE IN AGREEMENT THAT ARBITRATION IS PURSUED INDIVIDUALLY AND NOT CLASS-WIDE OR CONSOLIDATED CASES. In the event, a court or arbitrator believes this restriction is not enforceable then arbitration agreement will be suspended and the dispute must be resolved in Court.

(f) Each party bears financial responsibility for all costs including, but not limited to, counsel, experts, witnesses, and all other costs of Arbitration.


Arbitration Agreement Exceptions

Either party is allowed to bring qualified claims within a small claims court. The Arbitration Agreement does not restrict either party from including any federal, state, or local governmental agency that within the confines of the law allows either party to seek relief on their behalf.



Under this agreement you are responsible for defending, indemnifying and hold CRS25 and all companies associated with us including our subsidiaries, affiliates, and parent companies harmless from claims deriving from your actions including, but not limited to, use of Service, submitted information, failure of properly concealing account information and any other instances in which this Agreement and other policies referenced are violated.