In the event our services do not serve the function of “Improving Credit”, CRS25 will furnish Clients with a 100% refund. “Improve”, according to CRS25, means removal of at least 25% of negative marks from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.
Qualification for a Refund means CRS25 must have attempted to service eight (8) or more negative marks.

During the previous 24 months Clients must not have attempted any credit repair activities either on their own accord or with another Credit Repair company.

It is understood by Clients that accurate collections and charge-off accounts containing balances will not be included in the Refund Policy.

All disposition letters and updated credit reports must be mailed every forty-five (45) days for the Refund Policy to be applicable.
Refund Policy is solely applicable to negative items Client contracts CRS25 to service.

Negative items reported after Client has entered into agreement with CRS25 are not included and not applicable to the Refund Policy.